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This " exciting adventure-science book for kids ages 5-12" is "easy to read, colorful, fully illustrated," and available 
on our website: www.free-energy-env-exp4kids.com as a paper book or as an ebook conversion. Online Amazon,
Barnes and Noble etc. also carry it. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Veteran, award winning, Pat Kellogg Roller is a Children's Science Specialist and teacher. Her
books focus on "hands-on, hearts on" facts and fantasy, which engage children in developing "creative problem 
solving skills"
as they begin to learn "how our amazing planet works." 

Pat is also wife, mother, grandmother, and volunteer. She relates very well with children of all ages.

This book doesn't just teach facts, and tease with fantasy, it also" 
raises children's Earth Awareness" and "inspires
Earth Care." 
 It models "
good character traits" such as cooperation, kindness, promise keeping, perserverance etc.

The focus of this book is "Kid's Ecology". Pink Hat  takes children on a
fascinating "SPICE Adventure Walk" where  
they begin to learn the 12 big ideas which the anonym SPICE stands for.  Along the way there are serious 
complications which make this book a "high interest teaser that teaches."

However, it all turns out O.K. as the children "hear and dance to Nature's Music" at a grand celebration!


In the front of the book there is a model for taking SPICE Adventure Walks in a land-locked area.
 This gives the teacher or parent extra information.

In addition our website: www.-free-energy-env-exp4kids.com offers a free webpage titled: "PRACTICE SPICE ACTIVITIES".   There are easy, fun, 
activities which help kids remember and apply SPICE ecology concepts. The website has many other free activities and experiments which work with the books or alone.

All are interconnected in that they focus on using creative problem solving skills to learn how our amazing planet works.


Blue Seagulls Pink Hat with Pat Blue Seagulls

Pink Hat, a hat which can communicate with all living things is bright, curious, and strong-willed, with the full range of emotions of a young child. 

She loves adventure more than anything, and she has come to the beach seeking an adventure.

The story begins as she meets two seagulls who are so sad and depressed they have turned blue. "Why?" asked Pink Hat. She learns it's February and no one is at the beach but old people who won't share their food. They even have dogs that bark! No one gives them junk food. They are bored. They want to learn to dance like the penguins so they can dance for the college kids when they come for Spring Break. They had snuck into the movies to learn that.

Without thinking, Pink Hat agrees to teach the gulls to dance. 

Shortly after, she meets the gray and white gulls. They are fighting over bits of food, screaming, flying up and down really fast,  pushing, kicking, out of control!  And there are so many of them!  Pink Hat, with all her powers, knows she is in trouble. The gulls won't even hear her much less communicate.

Nanny Pat tries to distract Pink Hat by taking her on a "SPICE" Adventure Walk. During the walk, Pink Hat learns a whole new way of thinking about the living and non-living things all around her as she makes one discovery after another.

Later, at lunch, she learns there is a "Go GREEN" Hats Convention at the Convention Center down the beach.

Hats from all over the world have come to discuss ways they can save energy and help our planet.  

Pink Hat meets them and tells them about her promise and her problem.

Will the hats help Pink Hat solve her problem?  How? Will Pink Hat be able to teach the gulls how to dance using Nature's Music? Will the behavior of the gulls change? What did Pink Hat learn about making and keeping promises?  What knowledge did she have to get? Did she have a great adventure?

Little Boy Dancing Little Girl Pink Shoes

"EINSTEIN SAID, "YOU CAN'T SOLVE A PROBLEM USING THE THINKING THAT CREATED IT."  Pink Hat learns again and again to apply new thinking to solve her problems.

Copyright © Free Energy-Env.Act. 4 Kids Norman, OK