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EARTH CARE - "Learn and Share"
EARTH CARE - "Learn and Share"

EARTH CARE - "Learn and Share"

"GROWING SUCCESSFUL KIDS"  - It's Not Just The Grass that's "Going 

Here is an "exciting, fun, character building summer project" for kids.
You can prevent the "summer slide" as kids do "math, science, 
reading, and research" 
as they play and compete in this "Earth Care
Learn and Share" project.

Working with friends they develop "good habits in Energy Conservation."
They learn the power of deferred gratification as they hold each other 

Each child chooses 5 good energy saving habits to learn. As they 
practice, each time a child forgets, he must put 5 cents in the project jar.
They develop good habits, practice math, build their resources.

In a few weeks they "become detectives" and spend their money on 
a meaningful "Act of Kindness."  Their giving must be in secret.
To accomplish this they must use their "creative problem solving skills."

Responsible, educated, caring adults don't just happen.  All of our 
website pages are designed and interconnected to grow successful
kids. We think of this as "Kid Ecology."

In the book "SEAGULLS, HATS AND DANCING FEET", at the HAT'S GO GREEN CONVENTION, the hats resolved to practice the following tasks in order to use less energy and help keep our "
planet clean and beautiful." 


1. Install energy saving CFL (compact fluorescent lamps), to light our homes.

2. Turn out lights we don't need.

3. Walk, ride bikes, or carpool to save gasoline and $.

4. Grow a garden for food, compost uneaten plant material.

5. Take short showers.

6. Put junk food wrappers and cups in the bin. Pick up trash everywhere.

7. Recycle paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, and anything else we can.

8. Use reusable cloth bags for grocery shopping.

9. Pack lunches in reusable containers.

10. Replace plastic water bottles with reusable containers.

11. Close refrigerator door and other doors as you go and come from outside.

PROBLEM: How can I learn these practices and have fun doing it?

SUPPLIES: nickels, a jar, friends and classmates, parent, teacher, or counselor


1. Write down one energy conservation task you want to learn. Ask your friends to choose one as well. Begin to practice that task by doing it.

2. Each time you forget to practice the task, put a nickel in the jar.  Ask your friends to do the same.

3. Repeat this procedure choosing one task at a tme and adding it to the task you have learned and are doing. Practice the new task, pay when you forget and keep trying.

4. Repeat this procedure until you have learned and are doing at least 5 of the tasks consistently.

5. Put all your nickels together and see if there is enough to buy someone a new pair of tennis shoes.

6. Play detective. Observe the kids around you at school, at church, wherever you go. Find a kid whose shoes are all worn out. Meet and greet that kid and ask him/her if you might draw a picture of his/her feet for your "Feet Are Neat" project. Show the kid your chart and tell him/her what you learned ABOUT FEET! Take off one of your shoes and demonstrate how to draw around it.  Draw around the kid's feet who needs shoes. Take a look inside the old shoes and see if a size is there. Do those shoes seem to fit the feet now or are they too small or large?

7. Think of tennis shoes you like, what kinds your friends like. Take the drawings to the store and find and purchase new shoes and socks with the money all of you saved while developing energy conservation habits.

8. Play detective again. How can you deliver the new shoes in secret? Be sure to leave the sales ticket in the shoes in case an exchange is needed.

9. The child's teacher or a counselor may be able to help.

10.FOCUS - Be Persistent Work on it until you make it happen. You and your friends have just helped a needy kid have NEAT FEET!  

11. CONGRATULATIONS, you and your friends have just earned the: EARTH CARE-"Learn and Share" AWARD. 



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