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Before placing our book on sale, we tested it with 1000 children, ages 4-10, in Ada, Norman and Noble schools in Oklahoma and in Franklin, Kentucky. The children created, named and decorated dynamic little kites. Then, after becoming involved with Pink Hat's adventure in the book, they flew, and experimented with their own little, child-friendly kites.  94% of the children rated the experience as good or great.

Since that time we have introduced the book and experiments to many schools in several states and on three continents. There are at least 18,000 children involved in kiting at this time. However, by using the experiments on this website and buying the book you can help many more children grow in their creative problem solving abilities.


" It was amazing how Pink Hat cep tring and tring, and then she finally got it and how she flew!" Love, Blakely

"I think you should write more Pink Hat books because they are interesting. I think everybody would like that book." Ty

"You inspired us, not only to think with our brains, but to think with our hearts. I can't wait to fly my kite at home. It will go smooth as the wind itself." Joshua

"Thank you for helping us make kites! I think you are spectacular because you wrote Pink Hat. I think the book is amazing. And you were so nice." Kate

"I loved making the kites.It was awesome. Pink Hat was a great book. These are the reasons we love Mrs. Roller." Nathan Tucker

"My personality is chess. My rating is 1016 in my chess club. I will try to fly a pawn on my kite. It is amazing for you to make a book." Pratik

"The story was so magical about Pink Hat flying on a kite. My own kite turned out very wonderful." Love, Noah "P.S. You look very beautiful."

"Thank you for teaching us how to make kites. Pink Hat should go out for all American children. It also teaches kids to try,try again." Love, Kassidy

"We got to make kites. That was my favorite part." From Sidharch

"The kites were so fun that my head almost spun around, I learned so much yesterday and I had so much fun." David




"I TESTED PHA-K ON MY OWN KIDS (4 AND 7) and they both enjoyed it (especially my son who loves all things that float in the sky)."Mari Farthing, Editor, METRO FAMILY MAGAZINE.  (Reviewed in Metro Magazine, November, 2009 Edition)

"One of the best realities of parenting is: the simpliest activities with your child create the most lasting memories. Kite flying is certainly a time-honored favorite activity for families and Pink Hat's Adventure With Kites delightfully reflects that experience.  Snuggling up after your own kite flying adventure and sharing a range of emotions of the main character's experience is the perfect ending to your special day. Added bonuses are the life lessons woven into the story and the easy to understand earth science concepts. Pink Hat certainly has her own share of frustrations and failures, but her cheerful heart and "never give up" attitude help her succeed in her dream of flying. The book and the homemade little kite would be a perfect gift for a young child or anyone who is young at heart." Cindy Cason, Mom, Norman, Oklahoma.

"Barb, my teacher daughter, led 14 first graders in an experience with Pink Hat's Adventure With Kites. It held their attention and they voted the book was great!" Bonnie Petri, Grandparent, Franklin, Ky.42134

" I read PHA-KITES to my pre-k niece this weekend.  She was mesmerized and wanted to read it again today." Steven Smallwood, Norman, Ok.


"AUTHOR'S EMPHASIS IS ON SCIENCE" - The Oklahoman, My Norman, May 21, 2009

"As 159 Truman Elementary first and second graders created their own kites, Pat Roller, a former children's science teacher, used the project as an opportunity to talk to the kids about Earth and its winds.  Roller, a Norman resident, is concerned kids are not getting enough elementary science education to learn the basics of how our planet works.  This book includes instructions for parents, teachers and children about how they can conduct experiments using the book's theme."Roller said, "Children need to go outdoors to enjoy, to learn,and to learn how to think, in a new way, about our planet, how we treat it and how we can care for it."


" Of the 401 students who ranked PHA-K, 93% ranked the book as good or great! The elementary school children made small kites, and in doing so began to learn about the aerodynamics of kite design, and how to work, with the wind, in order to fly a kite successfully. As they read Roller's book, they learned this same wind energy can be used to make electricity. They also learned how important it is to keep trying until the problem is solved.

NEWCASTLE PACER, Darla Welchel, Parent-teacher-journalist, May 14, 2009

"As an award winning children's science teacher, Roller, not only used an unlikely heroine for her story - a pink hat - but she also used this adventure-science story as a vehicle to deliver messages on earth awareness, knowledge, earth care, problem-solving, civility, courage over fear, and belief in one's own abilities.  As a former home school parent/teacher, I would definitely add this story to my curriculum."

MIDDLE EARTH CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER, Elizabeth Becker Heath, Ex. Dir., Norman, Ok.

Today our five year old students created beginner kites, which fit small hands. After she showed them how to fly the kites, they participated in the problem-solving adventure of "Pink Hat's Adventure With Kites".  They decided Pink Hat made learning fun!

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